So, after forty years or so working in the Leisure Industry, as an Interior Designer, from the late sixties, through Maddocks Chadwick to Richard Chadwick Associates and RCA Interiors, I have realised that I am getting tired of all those early morning starts, those site meetings that seem to go on forever and those last minute dramas when the client finally decides that THAT’S what he wants...

Looking for a change of direction, I want to take things a little easier, but I still need that incentive, that "creative buzz", so what I'm doing is concentrating on one of my prime skills – the ‘art of the visual‘.

Welcome, then, to “Interior Sketches“, where I'm concentrating on producing interior and exterior visuals for the industry. As an antidote to the ubiquitous – and to my mind anodyne – computer produced visual, mine are all drawn by hand, mainly pen and marker renderings, capturing the energy of the moment and generally looking much more dynamic than anything produced via a computer programme.

A return to hand crafted values offers a way forward from an entirely technologically based society, and the tactile feel of pencil on paper has its own reward. The sketches are also quicker and cheaper to produce than computer generated ones, which may in itself have a certain appeal.

There is a folio of work to look at here, together with other works both in watercolours and oils, and a blog site that will record my thoughts and ideas on a regular basis. Have a good look around and I hope that you like what you see.

You can contact me by email here or on 07774 821 415. The studio is based in South West Manchester.

The home of hand rendered marker visuals by Richard Chadwick © 2010